Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sponsored films arrive in academia

It's a great pleasure to see Anna McCarthy and Dan Streible's syllabus for their Industrial & Sponsored Film & Television course at NYU's Department of Cinema Studies. Long time coming.

With an estimated 300,000 sponsored motion pictures produced in the 20th century, this is clearly the new hegemonic sector of media studies.

Followup: by permission of Anna and Dan, here's the syllabus (in .doc format).


Anonymous said...


I'm getting a virus message when I try to download the file; my computer won't allow it. Any chance you can post the text in the blog, or put up another file?


Jeff Martin

blackoystercatcher said...

Fixed. Sorry.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this! I often wish there were more syllabi available online. Sites like the Public History Resource Center that offer a place for them to be posted (see here) are great. Syllabi are becoming a bit difficult to find easily with Blackboard and other private course programs being used more and more.


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