Saturday, September 1, 2007

Turning the library inside out

Illuminated Corridor is mounting a big event around the library on the evening of October 3. Live music and performative projection will happen in the alley and on the walls of our building, and there will be live musical accompaniment (a new score) to Panorama Ephemera, conducted by Gino Robair.

From their description:

This Corridor seeks to illuminate the Prelinger Library, a private research library open to the public with collections encompassing some 50,000 books, periodical volumes and printed ephemera. The Library is linked to the Prelinger Archive, a collection of ephemeral films that are a key creative resource to artists of the Illuminated Corridor, and serve as a touchstone for the broader community of film, sound and bricolage artists.The Corridor will take place during the Library's traditional Wednesday Open House evening hours, where you are invited to lose yourself in the stacks of an extraordinary library turned inside out for an evening.

Mark your calendars.

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