Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mock Up On Mu

Just saw Craig Baldwin's new (and, he says, unfinished) film. It is beautifully done. Whatever limits it may have, and I can't pin down any walls it might hit until I've seen it again, will be the limits of found-footage films, not any deficits of his skill and imagination. The first interview is pretty good.

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EmmyArchivist said...

hey rick-- thanks for that link. i just saw the film at the downtown film fest in LA, appropriately enough, from the backseat of a cargo van my friend's band schleps their gear in, while it was screened on a 10-ft canvas over a deserted parking lot at the LA River and Traction..
am amazing collagerial effort, even by Baldwin's standards. i hope more people will check it out.

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