Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Anyone want a partial run of Printer's Ink magazine?

Ad historians, culture historians, collectors: We have a partial duplicate set of Printers Ink (the weekly, not the monthly), starting about 1927 and running through 1957. Some volumes great condition, others not. We would be delighted to offer it to someone with an interest in this material and the ability to pick up in downtown SF, as it's too much to ship.

It is full of interesting copy and fascinating ads about the ad industry. Let me know!

--> Printers Ink found a home.


Susan Riley said...

Anyone want 19 copies of Printer's Ink, October 2, 1953, wrapped and addressed to Edwin A. Riley, Director, Division of Mail Classification, Post Office Department, Washington, 25, D. C.
These were found among Mr. Riley's professional memorabilia.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I´m interested on those magazines, please write me to

bregjef said...

Hi blackoytercatcher, it's probably too late. But i'm interested and in san francisco. I'm writing a history on creative ideation in military-industrial contexts in the US 1938-1968. I'm looking for copies from that period. kind regards, Bregje

Raquel said...

Hello, I know that this post is old, but I really need a volume for a project work that I'm doing in the school...

If you have it, cpuld you scan the :

may, 10 , 1928 ??

It's very important to me. thanks

my e-mail:

Doc V. said...

Hi, I realize I'm 3 years late, but did anyone take these? I'd be interested!

Doc V.

Doc V. said...

Drat! I'd kill for those magazines for my research! I'm looking for a bound set of Writer's Digest from 1926 through 1946. Microfilm in a library is also fine.

Dr. Michael J. Vassallo

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